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Coffee Tree Harvesting

Our Coffee & Our Process

We keep things simple when we roast coffee. In the end, our focus is on your cup experience…we simply want you to enjoy a premium, delightful cup of coffee…any time of day and with any of our roasts and blends. We select only the highest quality premium beans.  Our Master Roasters use premium Columbian and Central American beans as the base for our blends…always looking for the best harvests.  Very fine African and Sumatran beans typically complement those bases. As with any other fruit, coffee harvests vary in quality and quantity from year to year and so we make it our habit to pursue the best of the best. Our roasters endlessly sample and test-roast in small batches in order to provide you with the best possible cup of coffee.

“Rivers flow not past us but through us; tingling, vibrating, exciting every cell and fiber in our bodies; making them sing and glide.“
-John Muir

..."Body, Balance, Flavor, Aroma, Acidity"...

 Those are common words around the old roastery. Our coffee has body and substance…you’ll be able to ‘feel’ it in your mouth as you sip and it will linger in your mouth. The twins of flavor and aroma will be nearly inseparable…you’ll inhale the rich aromas as your taste buds announce full and deep flavors. Whispers of stone fruits and berries are present in our blends along with barely perceptible notes of chocolate and toasty toffee. You will register the slightest acidity…you know, those faint citrus tones…with absolutely no bitterness. We take great care in bean selection and handling so that it is always clean. That simply means that our blends are free from flavor defects that could occur from fermentation or too much time in bags.

In the end, balance rules the day. It’s the only way to get a great coffee experience. We properly balance all these qualities so that you can consistently enjoy the ritual of brewing a perfect cup of coffee.

“What makes a river so restful to people is that it doesn’t doubt it is going to get where it is going, and it doesn’t want to go anywhere else.”
-Hal Boyle

Morning Mist

Morning mist is our signature blend. This time-tested favorite is the essence of a perfectly balanced blend.
Deep, rich aromas with layers of flavor to experience. You’ll sip your way through deep toffees, with hints of berries that will linger after each sip. You’ll notice a faint citrus that only serves to brighten the flavor profile.

Morning, Midday, After Dinner with a small, sweet treat. Morning Mist is the most versatile blend we roast.


Whistle & Chirp

Try our Whistle & Chirp Blend. Need some high energy, creativity and playfulness like our friend the otter? Crisp and satisfying high notes of ripe berry and caramel… naturally a bit higher in caffeine to help start those juices flowing and to keep you going!


Tail Slap

This is our Tail Slap Blend. Our friend the beaver is steady, consistent and industrious. This roast and blend work together to create a similar flavor experience. 


A perfect combination of high and low notes that will keep you steady and humming along at a nice, controlled pace all day. An easy drink any time of day. Tiny hints of citrus and berry are nested in toasty back-flavor.


Slow & Steady

Our timeless Slow & Steady Blend. Turtles aren’t lazy and they aren’t slothful. They’re just slow and steady. Sometimes that’s what we need… just slow and steady. This blend keeps it all calm without sacrificing flavor. We use a true Mountain Water process for this favorite. 

It’s just charcoal and no other solvents that does the work taking the caffeine out with absolutely no chemicals or solvents used in the process. It’s a process that leaves the character and flavor of the coffee intact. We roast this one to a Medium Roast profile to ensure the preservation of deep toast, toffee, and caramel flavors.

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